Build Brand Awareness with CONVERGE sponsorship

Highlight your brand to the dental benefits target audience that matters most with a CONVERGE sponsorship. CONVERGE attendees are CEOs, executives, managers, directors, dental directors and consultants. CONVERGE is the premier professional development event in the dental benefits industry. By investing in a sponsorship relationship with NADP and CONVERGE, you will 

  • Enhance the image of your brand
  • Build buyer loyalty and boost sales
  • Increase your visibility with positive publicity
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Maintain strong relationships with clients, business colleagues and VIPs

For more information on sponsoring at CONVERGE, please contact us.

Jeremy May, CMP, Director of Meetings & Events
jmay@nadp.org • 972-458-6998 x 123

Shayne Leatherwood, Administrative Director
sleatherwood@nadp.org • 972-458-6998 x 102

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